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The Fibro Doctor Blog: He Gets it! He Can Help!

Jennifer From Indiana Beats Fibromyalgia
February 8, 2016
No More Migraines “I wasn’t sleeping but maybe 2-4 hours a night, so I was completely exhausted when it was time to get up and start the day. Even just thinking about tackling the day, the simple things of showering and getting dressed to go to work were just monumentalRead More
Fibromyalgia And Your Stress Coping Account
February 1, 2016
We’re all born with a stress-coping “savings account” filled with chemicals—such as hormones, amino acids, and nutrients—that can be deposited and then withdrawn when needed. Depending on our genes, some of us have large accounts, and some of us have smaller ones. The more stress we’re under, the more withdrawals weRead More
Tiffany From Alaska Beats Fibromyalgia and Shares Her Story
January 29, 2016
“My husband would just brush my arm or he would try and rub my back, and I would say don’t do that it really hurts. I didn’t like to be touched. I had some headaches, but it was most of the large muscles on my body. They just ached. It’sRead More
Fibromyalgia and Central Sensitivity Pain Theory
January 25, 2016
It is a fact that if you have chronic pain, only another person with chronic pain can truly understand how it feels. For many of you, it is frustrating to know you have pain but have little hope of a diagnosis, let alone relief. Many chronic conditions such as tensionRead More
Sharon Beats Fibromyalgia
January 22, 2016
“They would usually tell me my blood work was just fine and I needed to exercise. Of course, I was so tired and hurt so bad that I couldn’t exercise. I’ve been to some that didn’t believe in fibromyalgia. ….now I’m much better. I’ve actually started organizing around my houseRead More
Twelve Healthy Habits That Help You Feel Better And Live Longer
January 18, 2016
Well it is that time of year again. Another year has come and gone, time to reflect, start anew with a clean slate. If one of your resolutions was to be healthier in 2016, then I’d like to offer 12 suggestions for improving your health. Over the next 6 weeksRead More
Shannon Beats Fibromyalgia
January 15, 2016
Join Me Each And Every Tuesday Night for my Free Treating and Beating Fibromyalgia Teleconference Register for free conference at I’ve been battling it pretty much for 15-16 years now. I have done everything like you said; I’ve tried all the medicines, I’ve had horrible symptoms from the differentRead More
Fibromyalgia Doom And Gloom
January 11, 2016
I have specialized in treating, writing about, and teaching others doctors about fibromyalgia, for almost two decades. In the early days of fibromyalgia, most doctors, nor their patients, knew what the illness was, some chose to dismiss it as “all in your head.” Eventually more and more doctors came toRead More
Fibromyalgia - Don’t Be Defined By Your Chronic Illness
January 8, 2016
When you are used to living an active lifestyle, dealing with the pain of a chronic illness can be a devastating blow. When young adults are affected, it can seem like their whole lives are over. It is clear that while you may look like everybody else, there is wayRead More