Beating Fibromyalgia – Sally Shares Her Story from Hopeless to Happy and Healthy


11 Commentsto Beating Fibromyalgia – Sally Shares Her Story from Hopeless to Happy and Healthy

  1. Elizabeth says:

    I don’t have an hour or more to listen to the story. I am wondering if there is a print copy of this? Thank you.

    • Sally’s story is about 10 minutes. The rest of the audio is question and answers on fibromyalgia.

      • Debra Jean Kelly Greene says:

        Dear Dr Murphree, The work that you are doing for person’s with fibromyalgia is so vital. It took me about three years but system by body system I learned to take better care of myself. It would be good to know more about anti-inflammatory diet. Using Dr. Brownstien’s methods of doing Iodine, Salts, Selenium and other supplements I have dropped about twenty pounds. I have my life back but would like to continue my journey toward better health. I have come so far and hope to gain even more strength. I have studied FM and Depression now for fifteen years, but have had these as a challenge most of my adult life. I am now 56 but had symptoms of both during my twenties. I so appreciate you and what you do. Thank you and I may seek out your advice in the future. Respectfully yours, Debra J. Kelly Greene, MS Edu Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor Drake Univ. Graduate

  2. Lisa K Dvorak says:

    I am going to get ahold of you. I really do BELIEVE. This means I’m serious!!!!

  3. Renee says:

    I was wondering if you deal with chronic pain or just fibromyalgia?

  4. Sheila Burt says:

    I am in pain 24/ tired all the time. I take 6 advil daily just to get through work. I am 55 yrs old, and I’m in years just typing this because I am exhausted physically, emotionally from pain. My joints hurt all over, I can’t sleep at night due to pain. My weight is up and down, I need to loose 23-30 lbs but pain keeps me from exercising.. I know that rheumatiod arthritis runs in my family on my father’s side., he had it, and both his siblings. Please help me !!!

  5. Ramona Nicolai says:

    Got fibermyalgia, it awful an I’m in Alaska the cold is bad

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