Heather’s Story

Heather, looking radiant, back to enjoying her beautiful garden again!

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  1. Beth says:

    Hi i am like usual still up at2.27 in the morning usually until 6-7 in the morning is when i finily fall out to sleep,I cant remember not having fibo.as a child of abuse my siblings picked on me because i was always in pain yet i was a tomboy i did things other girls didnt but i paid for it later my legs mostly then untill i was 20 or so doctors would say things like go get counsling,some would snicker at me some got angry and then one day this doctor said he heard of fibo.that sounds just like me i started crying hard it finily had a name to what i had i started to think i was crazy before that to from being told for so long i was crazy,the thing is im still called crazy i started a new church and their living messages that i need to stop making up excuses to miss service yet im crying to God begging him to help me so i can live more .im 52 53 in july and i would love to say im living I’ve always felt im not going to get a chance to live before i die.please help me live?

  2. Gail Lassiter says:

    Fibro is the worst. I was diagnosed in the late 1980’s. It has been hell. So tired of medications that do not work and doctors who spend 5 minutes and are through with you. Now I have compression fractures in my spine from osteoporosis to compound the pain. Most medications have worse side affects. Death would be kinder than fibromyalgia. I am 62 and need help please.

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