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“I had decided there was nobody that could help… I was told I had to live with this, then I ran across your website! … It ended up REALLY working! … Now most days I am at about an 8, 9, or a 10! It’s been a great lifestyle change! I feel great!”



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  1. I have a very bad case of at the point of I hate being on medication n my energy level us 0.I can’t sleep at night.I have a lot of medical issues but I could deal w them if this could be better. I want to be a wife, ive been married 36 yrs,again n my two special need sons need me, n i just don’t have the energy even for myself.I feel worthless n want to be better.I filled out the medical history n am waiting to know what the next step is.Please I need help Dr Murphree.God Bless Jan Smith

  2. Candace Julian says:

    I have been in a depression for quite awhile now was taking lyrica but made me gain lots of weight so doc took me off of this and now I jus am dealing with it best I can ,I need to live again be happy and do things I’m tired of living this way .

  3. V morris says:

    Why do u charge to help us fibro sufferers.To me just another way to make money.As if we r not depressed ,in pain and tired of this way of life.There is always someone with a scam.

    • I charge because this is my livelihood. It’s how I pay my staff, rent, utilities, malpractice, and support my family. Does your doctor treat you for free? Just because I charge for my time and services doesn’t mean it’s a scam. There are numerous free resources on my site. I also hold free teleconferences. I doubt your doctor gives you anything free except free toxic drug samples. I’m sorry, because I know my reply to you can be percueved as ran spirited but it is ridiculous that you would attack me for charging for my time.

    • There are numerous free resources on my website, free how to videos, articles, etc. I also do free call in programs. I’d be surprised if your doctors give you or anyone free advice or services, other than free samples of more drugs. I’m sorry, but rather than accusing me on trying to make money, listen to the success stories of hundreds my patients, who did pay for my services (which pays for my staff, malpractice, rent, utilities, etc.) and are very happy they did. I understand that folks may not have the money for variety of reasons to buy my book or work with me personally. However, I’m sorry, but saying that what I do is a scam is a cop out for you not wanting to do the work, watch the free videos and apply the information. There are over 80 success stories on my website and in my book who have gotten their life back by working with me.

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