Fibromyalgia: Covering Up Symptoms Doesn’t Work


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21 Commentsto Fibromyalgia: Covering Up Symptoms Doesn’t Work

  1. Dixie Minor says:

    I am a retired female, 80 years of age. I can’t remember when I didn’t have fibro. It was diagnosed about 12 years ago. I have my sleeping under control. I sleep thru the nite with exception of a potty call maybe once early a.m. occasional. I deal with muscle aches and fatigue daily.. The fatigue which comes in the afternoon has no solution but sleep. The muscles hurt when touched. I take Lyrica when I first get up with a Motrin 800mg. At noon I take another Motrin 800mg. and at bedtime I take another Motrin 800mg.along with a Amatripaline tab. The doctor wants me off Motrin with something else in its place…Nothing works like Motrin…I feel this is probably the best I can be…I have arthritic, restless leg syndrome. When I go off Motrin with something in its place the fibor gets out of control for me. Enough said…

    • Rhonda O says:

      Please try magnesium for your RLS. It works for me. 🙂

      • Lenora Ziobro says:

        I also use magnesium for RLS and other things and it really does help.Try it ,it won’t hurt anything at least and no side effects!

    • Patricia says:

      I will never take Motrin or anything in that type of Med. I used to take it a lot until my Dr called me back to his office because of my kidney test results. They were functioning at only 30%! He told me stop taking them and referred me to a nephrologist who then told me it was too late to reverse it. I went on a plant based diet stopped Motrin and test later showed kidney function back up to 62%!!! Nephrologist did a kidney scan and said they were fine!!!

  2. Patricia Stevenson says:

    I’ve have had fibromyalgia for 38 years now. I don’t remember how it felt to not hurt.

  3. Dorothie Sundberg says:

    I have fibro since 1994, I was on big Pharma meds for years and about 4 years ago I went off of them. I hurt so much but I push on. I don’t like pain meds and don’t want to be addicted. I so agree with you about the drugs. I try to ask doctors to check these other things and they don’t. What can I do?

  4. Deanna says:

    I had chronic fatigue syndrome in the 80s and have been in pain ever since. It’s getting increasingly worse. It’s difficult to function. I’ve tried a lot of things. Allopathic and naturopathic.

  5. Dorothy Chartier says:

    I have ME\Fibro and CAEBV. I am the most active patient of these diseases I have ever found. 53 and lost my career at 42. Symptomatic at 39 with initial night sweats not attributed to Early Menopause. I workout almost everyday I can to eliminate pain. It took a long time to get to this point. Still unemployable due to constant relapses which usually come with a cold/flu. It’s a brutal life to live but it beats the alternative. I hope I die on the step master because if I become bedridden permanently..that will be the end.

  6. Judy Kump says:

    Is there really something that will help? My biggest frustration is the fatique. So tired of being tired. I am 65 yrs old and was diagnosed with discoid Lupus in 1976 and Fibro in 1999 or 2000. The pain is controlled with Tylenol but can’t get past the tiredness. If you have suggestions please let me know.

  7. I have to have a heart Cath. Next week. I am afraid it will really mess up my Fibro!!!!

  8. Rebecca says:

    Cramp bark tincture has calmed my RLS so i can sleep through the night. Should be able to find at health food store.

  9. Deverie brooks says:

    this has completely changed my life. Some days I cant even get up. My legs hurt so bad it even seems like my hair hurts. I ache all over my entire body. Being the Grandmother of a six year old is my blessing,only i cant even take her out on her bike some days. its just to hard to walk around. I dont know what i want to say.It just feels good to know that other people are dealing wit this struggel. I have been dealing with depresion and anxiety since i was a child. My family used t send me to all kind of doctors to try and figure out why i was always sad and down. Never knew they had a name for all of this. Thank You for letting me rant.

  10. Ruthflorence says:

    I have fibro, chronic fatigue, lupus & congestive heart faluire, hypothyroidism, hypertension
    began in 1989
    in my mid 40s. Am LPN but had to quit qworking because of health 1994. Loved my qwork! The fatigue & pain are overwhelming at times! Take bunch rx,tramadol 50mg tid for pain, & ibuprofen 600tid for pain.found big electrolyte imbalance qwith all the perspiring it causes

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