What is Fibromyalgia?


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Dr. Murphree uses some of the most sophisticated, yet practical, scientifically based, nutritional therapies to prevent and reverse even the most stubborn illnesses. Dr. Rodger Murphree, D.C., has been in private practice since 1990. He is the founder and past clinic director for a large integrated medical practice located on the campus of Brookwood Hospital in Birmingham, Alabama. He is the author of Treating and Beating Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Heart Disease What Your Doctor Won’t Tell You, and Treating and Beating Anxiety and Depression with Orthomolecular Medicine.

He can be reached at www.YourFibroDoctor.com or 205-879-2383.  


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These patients and hundreds of others who’ve worked personally with me have in fact beaten their fibromyalgia. You can read or listen to their stories by clicking the link below:


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13 Commentsto What is Fibromyalgia?

  1. Beverly Dark says:

    I would to order some of your supplements. I suffer from SLE Lupus and Fibro.

  2. Connie Rigsbee says:

    Dr. Murphree, I just wanted to drop a line to you to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the work that you do. I cannot even begin to express the gratitude that I have in my heart for what your book and supplements have done for me. If you monitor your Facebook personally I’m sure you have seen me on there frequently sharing how good I feel and giving the full credit to your protocol. I have also been on some Support Group sites and shared many times over the past 2 yrs. I have been attacked and accused of lying, preying on people who are ill, and selling something!! It’s hard to shut me up or shut me down though, and if Fibro itself did not shut me down, someone with Fibro (who I am trying to help) can’t shut me down either!

    It has been 26 months since I ordered your Book and Jumpstart Kit. I followed Most of what you outlined in your 4th edition book. I quit my job and stayed home and took care of myself. This decision cost me about 65K in lost wages BUT I AM MORE IMPORTANT THAN MY BANK ACCOUNT! I also quit smoking 14 months ago! My Dad was diagnosed in April 2014 with Stage 4 Lung Cancer and I quit that day. He died in July. I know that I was able to handle all of this so well because of the level of healing I was at. Now a year later, I feel like the healing is very near complete. I require too much sleep…10 hours daily but I do not get tired at all during waking hours. I can perform many physical tasks but I do keep the outdoor work to a minimum now just being safe. I think my thyroid needs some attention and my adrenals may need some attention too. I really need to lose weight. I am one of those overweight gals who doesn’t eat enough and not hungry till late in the day. So, I am still a work in progress in a few ways but I am PAIN FREE and I lost about 150 nasty symptoms…THANKS TO YOU!!! You are my Super Star!! Again, My sincerest gratitude is extended to you and your staff. I do not want to think of what my life would be like today if I had not found a link to you 26 months ago!!


    Connie Rigsbee

    • Thank you for your moving update. It is for proactive patients like you that makes me burn with passion to help others. Thank you!!!!

    • kathleen says:


      I want what you are having!!! It’s so nice to read your positive words! Sorry about your dad, my mom died of the same in 2004. That’s when my life went downhill, she died, my ex left, my dad had heart surgery to replace a heart valve and SO did my sister. I also had shoulder surgery and… phew, that was enough for 1 year. Reading your comment, made me realize that it is possible to feel better…

      thank you,
      and keep positive, that’s half the battle with most issues, and it certainly can make a person heal from a lot of things!


  3. Michelle says:

    And then there are people like me who cannot afford all these supplements. I have been researching and changing as much as I can. I follow a whole foods, plant based diet, and I get what supplements I can but I am on disability from the fibro and my husband is also disabled from Crohn’s disease and a leg amputation and we can only afford so much. What about people like us, who want so desperately to get well so we can be productive again, but we can’t afford it. What about us?

    • So sorry you are struggling with health and finances. I know it must be hard. For you any extra expense will be a challenge. I understand. For others it often comes down to priorities. The book can be purchased for as little as $15 or checked out at library for free. The supplements/protocols I recommend in book can be found at any health food store for less than $100 a month. Stopping smoking, eating out less, going without cable for awhile, etc. would allow some to go and get supplements from local store and start to apply the protocols. For you I’d suggest checking library for book, free videos and audios on site and seeing which if any supplement or protocol you could work into your budget . 5HTP can be found at most health food stores for $30. Again understand for you this may be a stretch but for most others it shouldn’t be problem.

      • Stella Jensen says:

        I love your reply. Most people believe that they need things such as cable and fast food. But, it’s all about priorities. I’ve noticed since I choose to quit eating out and cut my cable to be more active, that in its self has helped me feel better!

    • Nancy says:

      Yes what about us, I’m also disabled , have fibro, digenerate disk , Ostio, arthritis, sinjorens, divercolities, & more I’m only 55, we need help too!!!

  4. lisa peters says:

    I purchased the JumpStart program but just had weight loss surgery so I am unable to take it at this time! My question is how long after you take it do you feel a difference?

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